Accounting and Taxation Services

Accounting and Taxation Services, LLC was established in 2009 by Katrina B. Lucero, CPA, CCIFP, who has been responsible for providing outstanding accounting and taxation services since 1997. Katrina is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional. Our business is located at 1400 Jackie Road, Suite 101, Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124. Along with Katrina Lucero, Accounting and Taxation Services LLC has several associates who specialize in accounting and taxation and work with Katrina to support her clients. Accounting and Taxation Services LLC is also available to serve the entire state of New Mexico, including the Albuquerque metro area, and travels to client locations to assist them in person.

Our mission is to provide each and every client with professional, quality, and personalized service at reasonable fees while serving as the client's trusted advisor and business partner.
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Billing rates are directly correlated to the risk and complexity involved with certain services.  At Accounting and Taxation Services, we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of expertise at reasonable fees.  Our primary concern is our client's success. 

Our practitioner Katrina B. Lucero, CPA, CCIFP, has extensive public accounting experience and knowledge to provide a high level of quality services and expertise at reasonable fees.  Truly, her clients are the beneficiaries.

We will discuss with you the fees we expect to bill you for your needs and provide a good faith estimate of how long we expect it will take.  If we encounter the need for additional significant time to complete your work after our initial estimate, we will discuss this with you and obtain your permission prior to proceeding.

At any time you believe our fees are not competitive we encourage you to discuss this with us.  We are eager to establish a business relationship with you.  Fees should not be the sole deciding factor for you.  At Accounting and Taxation Services, LLC, we desire to keep our fees competitive and will negotiate fair fees to serve your needs.

Due to the extensive overhead involved with the preparation of tax returns, a minimum fee is required to cover these costs.  Minimum fees differ for each type of return we prepare.  Thereafter hourly rates apply.  Individual and business hourly rates differ.  Business returns include not-for-profits and all business related forms and services.

Basis, at-risk, and passive activity calculations are not included in the fees to prepare your tax return.  In the years that we have prepared your business return, we will take responsibility for these calculations beginning with the year we have prepared your return and ending with the last year we prepare your return.  Beginning balances are your responsibility.  We can be engaged to calculate your beginning balances under a separate engagement for additional fees.

                                               E FILING is FREE! 

We DO NOT charge to electronically file your federal and state tax returns.